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About Us

We are a group of passionate and motivated individuals working together to use software to make a positive impact on the world. Our foundation was based around the idea that we could use mobile software to make sustainable living easier. Our vision is to develop software solutions that help better our world.

Our Team


Ambrose Ledbrook

Co-founder & Software Engineer

Combining my love for adventure and the mountains with my skills as a software engineer, I hope to help others make a positive difference towards climate change. 


Sam Shankland

Co-founder & Software Engineer

I am a motivated freelance Software Engineer passionate about providing solutions to complex problems to improve the lives of everyone.


Luke Walsh

Co-founder & Software Engineer

I have a drive for designing and implementing systems, that can solve real-world issues and crave the ideology around the ability to have a large and positive impact on both my community and society through the use of software solutions.


Rachel Demler


Experienced freelancer in the software space with a focus on sustainability and zero waste.

Our Mission

Enable and motivate individuals to make a positive difference

Our First Project

We believe that every person can make a positive difference and that no effort to fight climate change is too small. For our first application, we will provide a solution that helps individuals change their daily behaviour to become more climate-friendly.

Our hope is that this solution will help enable and motivate individuals to take the first steps towards a more climate-friendly lifestyle and keep them motivated long enough to form lasting habits. As we all know, climate change is an enormous and overwhelming problem that our world is facing, making it hard to have a positive outlook and stay motivated to make a difference. We will help you change your perspective on what you can do to help, showing you the small and simple steps you can take to make positive change.

Our team will strive to provide a digestible, factual and current education centre to information surrounding climate change. We hope that this can help combat the massive misinformation around climate change that is currently present in our society. While also providing a way for those that are interested to find out why and how the lifestyle changes in the application will affect climate change.

Zero Waste - Our First Journey

The first area of sustainable living that we will focus on is zero waste. We will develop an achievable and fun journey for you to take towards a zero/reduced waste lifestyle. Remember you do not have to go completely zero waste to make a positive difference, the reality of our current way of life makes this very hard. But you can still make an impact by reducing your waste and striving for zero waste, imperfection is better than inaction.


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